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2024 Program

McNees is pleased to announce that LEAP is growing in 2024. We have expanded our initial geographic region of southcentral Pennsylvania to include more of central Pennsylvania. In addition, we are adding awards in our Devon and Pittsburgh, PA offices as well as our Frederick and Towson, MD offices, while we continue to offer awards out of our Columbus, Ohio, office. As was the case in prior years, LEAP awardees will receive one year’s worth of legal services to help them meet their business needs and exceed their business goals.


LEAP Request for Qualifications

We will accept just one application per business entity.  If there are multiple submissions, we will accept only the initial submission for review.

If you have questions about this form, please contact Adeolu Bakare at or Benjamin Ward at

Thanks for submitting!

The 2024 LEAP Program

The application window for 2024 has closed.

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